An Interview with “Jack Frost” – admin of Busuk Webzine

Kieran during interview in Madura

I met Jack Frost, that later I knew his real name is Kieran James, at Daniel’s house almost 2 years ago. I heard about him from Dimas and Daniel from Valerian. He manages Busuk Webzine, a webzine that mostly writes about Indonesian bands, and that surprised me. As Indonesian, I’m amazed… again I found non-Indonesian who gives more attention to promote Indonesian’s side that maybe for other Indonesians is not so important, wasted time and money. With Kieran’s efforts, more people will hear about bands and metal scenes in Indonesia.

An Interview with Madura Scene 10942082_10153058022917079_115975046_o

Last year, I assisted Kieran to have interview with some bands in Madura. And I found it really interesting how he pays attention to this small metal scene in this small island and dig the treasure of it… then found out there are great bands here, such as : Rajam, Sickles etc. And noted that the 2nd day he had to deal with bad weather.

No wonder that Indonesia Metal Scene give big respect to this “Mister” and I witnessed his support and effort for us. Therefore, I decided to make interview with him and this is the first interview I had and put in my blogs…. He wrote a lot about Indonesian bands, now it’s time to know more about Kieran James a.k.a Jack Frost. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

Dhinie (DH) : What was the first thing that makes you decided to have research write about Indonesian Underground band?
(please write also the 1st time you’re visit Indonesia for this matter and in which cities)
Kieran James (KJ) : Long ago, around 2010, I saw JASAD CD advertised in Terrorizer magazine so then I searched about them. In September 2010 Death Vomit toured Australia and I met Jason Xenophobic in Brisbane (the tour organiser). I thought Death Vomit was really a great band. Then I got to know Ferly of Jasad and went to Bandung February 2011 to interview Jasad. That was the beginning. Then I went to Jogja in October 2011 and East Java from 2012 onwards. Also I used to visit Balikpapan when John Yoedi was still alive. At first I thought it is interesting that Indonesian people play and support metal with such passion and big numbers and knowledge of the history. Now I know it much more and it is still very interesting to me.

DH : What was the interesting object for doing this thing and what’s the main purpose?
KJ : Like all sociology research I like to study about identity, meaning, power, values, and resistance in Indonesian Underground. So I am studying how the scenes work more than the actual music. Also I want to look at relationship between religion and heavy-metal fandom and the role of gender and ethnicity and social class. I still have in mind the plan to write history of Indonesian Death Metal. I wrote 50 pages so far but it is such a big topic as there are so many bands.

DH : What do you think about Indonesian Metal Scene? Did you find any different in each city that you’ve visited?
KJ : Yes, it is different. In Bandung they have the biggest and most financial scene and the most distros, record labels, etc. They have the most passionate crowds too. That is the only place I have been to where metal crowds are as vocal and crazy as football crowds. Of course I love East Java because Power Metal is strong there and the relationships among people and genres are very cordial whereas in Bandung there is a competitive edge and who-you-know is so important. It is also true that in Bandung 90% of bands play Brutal Death Metal and to me this gets boring. One band from Bandung which has more interesting DM music is Auticed.

DH : What’s your favorite genre? Is it different genre from what you reviewed in If it’s different, how did you cope with those?
KJ : Yes, in a way. I love 1970s hard-rock and 1980s metal of every genre. Of modern metal I prefer Power Metal genre. I also love street-punk and I believe in the politics and ideology of punk such as anti-capitalism. In BUSUK it began as only Death Metal because that was John Yoedi’s passion. Now slowly I add in various other genres. I promote Valerian a lot partly because they have great music but also because I like the guys in the band. If the people are assholes I don’t think I will promote that band. Also we did a Black Metal Special Issue recently. I respect BM scene as it is truly Underground. East Java has some bands that are not just in it for the fashion. So slowly I change Busuk to make it more consistent with my tastes. However, it is still over 50% Bandung DM because that gets the readers and I have the contacts there. I try to promote Bandung bands that are not trendy such as Jihad, Undergod, Saffar, etc. I don’t promote Burgerkill because they are rock stars and they don’t need people such as me anymore. Also I’m Christian so I’m sympathetic to Christian Metal and bands like Tengkorak whom I support fully.

DH : What’s your favorite Indonesian Band?
KJ : For Power Metal: Valerian and Umbra Mortis. For Death Metal: Death Vomit, Sickles, Jagal, Overflow Revenge (Jombang), Tengkorak, Auticed, Dismemberment Torture, Jihad, the old Bleeding Corpse with Bobby, Turbidity with Dada, Depravity Savage, and Saffar. For Black Metal Warkvlt, Diabolical, Sereignos, and Blasphemer (Sby.)

DH : How did you get the fund to travel around Indonesia (as well some countries in Asia)… it’s not such small amount of money…
KJ : One or twice I got funding from my university but mostly I paid for my own trips. It was easier when I worked in Australia because the Australian dollar was strong. I used to go twice a year. Now I go once a year if possible. And I don’t stay in Jakarta much because that costs more. I thank those people in East Java who buy me beers or dinner or help with transport because that really helps me financially.

DH : What’s the mission of Busuk Webzine and yours personally? and what’s the goal that you want to achieve in the future?
KJ : I want it to always be supporting Underground Music and Underground Values and with a respect to history. Also bands using satanism as a marketing tool to get famous I kind of leave to one side because they will get their promotion from other places. Black-metal which is non-satanic (such as Warkvlt) I don’t have any problem with. I would like to support One God Movement further but not sure how to do that yet. Sometimes Samier and I have talked about this. Also I want to keep true to the vision of John, Popo, and Bobby Rock – Indonesian bands will always be over 50% of the content and now Indonesian bands are over 70% of content. We don’t want to sell out and forget Indonesia. Also we try to translate good interviews into other language (using a good translator and not google translate). There is a lot of English interviews and many Bahasa Indonesian interviews on the site.

Thanks a lot, Kieran… for all your efforts and supports! YOU’RE ROCK!!!!!

Things That Make Bule Got Shock About Indonesian Habits

Beberapa tahun terakhir pekerjaan saya membuat saya bersinggungan dengan banyak expatriates… Bahkan beberapa bulan terakhir hobby traveling dan project dimana saya terlibat, membuat saya kembali nyemplung ke sebuah wadah yang “dihuni” oleh lebih dari 50% orang asing (bukan cuma bule ya… tapi ada juga Asian, Middle-East dan African)… Kebetulan 1 bulan terakhir saya banyak berinteraksi dengan bule (karena project saya bulan Mei ini yang punya gawe orang Eropa)… Saya banyak bertukar pikiran dan sharing dan saya banyak menampung shock nya beliau dan bule lain yang terlibat tentang beberapa kebiasaan ajaib orang Indonesia…. Mau tau apa itu? Yang mau tau silahkan terus membaca, yang gak mau tau…. silahkan close window-nya hahahaha

1. Makan Nasi : buat mereka makan nasi mungkin hanya 2-3 kali seminggu, itu pun dalam bentuk risoto… Jadi mereka suka takjub ngliat saya makan nasi 3 kali sehari, meskipun porsi saya termasuk secuwil dibanding orang Indonesia lainnya… lebih takjub lagi waktu saya bilang sama mereka, orang Indonesia kalau belum makan nasi, itu namanya ngemil, bukan makan….

2. Mister! Mister! How are you? Where are you going? : Biasanya ini berlaku buat bule2 muda (lucunya kadang cewek pun dipanggil MISTER!!! lol)…. Buat kita mungkin ini hal biasa. Sekedar say hi… tapi buat mereka yang terbiasa dengan privacy, akhirnya sedikit mengganggu…

3. “Would you like to make photos with me?” : sekali-dua kali it’s ok buat mereka… tapi kebiasaan orang Indonesia nih… terutama para ABG dan Ibu2… begitu 1 – 2 orang dilayani, maka akan datang segerombolan ABG lain minta photo… dan akhirnya si Bule harus kehilangan banyak waktu hanya untuk melayani permintaan ini… kalau si Bule nolak, jadinya dibilang sombong… Kadang minta poto ini tempatnya ga tau diri… Beberapa hari lalu, saya meet up sama 3 orang backpackers asal Slovakia di Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya, sebelum mereka berangkat ke pelabuhan Tanjung Perak untuk lanjut ke Makassar… Dengan backpack segitu gede dan otomatis berat dong yeee… kami dicegat Ibu2 yang minta poto bareng, di jalur mobil keluar TP 1 setelah drop off! Teman2 Slovaks ini terlihat kebingungan, antara si Ibu yang memaksa, beban berat di punggung dan klakson mobil di belakang.. Salah satu dari mereka, yang mungkin lelah dan pengen cepet cabcuz dari situ sampe bilang ke saya “we’re not animal! we’re just human like them. why they treat us like this?” dengan susah payah saya coba menjelaskan tentang habit yang kebetulan saya ga ngerti… Jadi saran saya, buat yang hobi nyegat Bule buat photo2, tolong lihat kondisi ya? Kadang waktu mereka itu ga banyak… jadi kalo liat udah beberapa kali photo sama orang lain, jangan ikut ngantri… kasian… πŸ˜€ Dan liat tempat juga ya, contoh si Ibu tadi lumayan bikin mereka terganggu… So… Be Wise, Indonesian… πŸ™‚

4. Bule Itu Banyak Duit : betoooll!!! Dibandingin pendapatan perkapita kita, pendapatan mereka juuuuhhh lebih banyak… Jadi, dengan pandangan ini, banyak banget pedagang2 lokal yang upgrade harga setinggi-tingginya kalau yang beli Bule. Bulan Maret lalu, saya ngerjain project di Bali lalu nyempetin kabur plesir sama 2 orang cewek backpacker dari Perancis dan Romania. Saat berhenti untuk beli buah di pasar dekat Bedugul, kami beli 2 buah naga (ga terlalu gede), 2 markisa, 1 jambu dan 3 manggis… tahu berapa harganya? Rp. 150.000 YAP!!! SERATUS LIMA PULUH RIBU!!! Gendeng apa yak? Saya yang orang Indonesia aja shock! Apalagi mereka??!! Note: mereka sudah 3 minggu di Bali dan tau harga buah2 itu di supermarket…Sampe si pedagang ngasih harga Rp. 30.000 pun kami tetep ga ambil… Please note ga semua orang bule blanja blanji seenaknya… justru mereka kadang lebih tight budget daripada kita karena mereka masih banyak destinasi lainnya… Just be fair lah…

5. Hangout With Bule = Bukan Orang “Baik2” : ok… hal ini baru saya dapat 2 hari yang lalu saat saya ngobrol sama seorang teman (cowok) expatriate yang mengajar di Surabaya. Jadi, kalau ada cewek Indonesia, nongkrong di cafe sama Bule (padahal si cewek cuma minum ice lemon tea), pandangan orang ke si embak ini udah semacam “bule hunter nih”, “cewek bookingan” dll dll…Dan ini bikin teman saya jadi ga nyaman kalau mau hangout sama teman prempuannya…Β  Open your eyes, People… It’s always great to hear thousands stories from around the world from the person him/herself….

6. Smiling : nah kalo ini shocking in positive way… mereka suka salut sama senyum tulus dan keramahan orang Indonesia lho… Awal Maret lalu waktu saya ke Phnom Penh, saya ketemu sama wanita Perancis yang pernah tinggal 6 tahun di Indonesia… Begitu ketemu saya, dia langsung bilang : “that’s a really Indonesian smile!” Bangga dong senyum saya termasuk salah satu trademarks Indonesia πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *bakal rajin senyum dah”

7. Caring : naaahhh…. ini bisa caring positive, bisa negative… Positivenya, kalo kita peduli sama orang, apa aja dikasih dah, diusakahan… jadi para Bule ini jadi merasa dihargai banget… Negativenya, saking caringnya kadang sampe hal2 yang harusnya ga diurusin, ikut diurus juga… contoh, begitu liat status si Bule online malam2 langsung dah msg “kok jam segini masih melek? ini kan udah jam tidurmu?” Modyaaarr toooo… apalagi Bulenya yang udah kemana2, biasa mandiri… baca kayak gitu ada 2 kemungkinan : ngakak ato ilfeel.

Itu baru sebagian yang keinget… ntar kalo ada lagi saya tambahin… Ini berdasarkan apa yang saya dengan secara langsung dari para Bule2 baik laki/prempuan, tua/muda…

So, Indonesian… It still needed be friendly but please also be wise… Your attitude represents the image of this country πŸ˜‰

Have a nice day!

Gili Trawangan : Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

Have you ever wondering how’s heaven looks like?
How far it could be from earth?
I guess I’ve found one of my heaven and it wasn’t that far.

Gili Trawangan

It’s been the 3rd time I was here (I lived in Lombok in 2004 to 2006) and had chance to explore this tiny island even on very short time.
I went to Gili with my office colleague from Germany, Tommy aka Shaggy. Why Shaggy? Because he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo lol….
Friday, August 29, 2014, we took Lion Air from Surabaya, with such generous treatment from them that we can sit at the airport for 30 minutes longer for free!!! Yaaayy!! (read : delay). With 1 hour and 5 minutes flight, we landed in Thousands of Mosque Island, Lombok. My friend Media picked us up with his family and brought us to Senggigi (thanks, Medi!). We stayed over night in Senggigi because there’s no way to continue to harbor because no boat depart after 5 PM. For you who has no friend in Lombok, there’s Damri available at the airport that will take you to Mataram. From Mataram you can continue your trip with taxi, it will safe lotsa money from Airport to Mataram. Or, you can rent a car, IDR 250,000 – 300,000 to Senggigi incld driver and gasoline. Or IDR 450,000 from Airport to Bangsal (a harbor for boat that takes you to Gili islands. Taxi might cost more or less the same.
We stayed at Bumi Aditya Hotel, Senggigi. I didn’t had good impression when we had to drive into small alley… and almost didn’t see the hotel… but once we were in the room… it’s a very nice and cozy room with clean and comfy bathroom, and guess what : HOT WATER!!! That a great place for IDR 300,000,-/room/night
Then we went out for (too late) dinner in a seafood warung where I used to go there. Things still the same. After dinner, we thought we won’t be able to walk to hotel so we took taxi that only cost IDR 6,000. Had shower and fell asleep once our head touched the pillow.

Saturday, August 30, 2014, Morning greet!!! Yaaayy…!! Bags are packed and we’re ready to go… uhm… not really.. breakfast first!! Ok, it’s a little bit awkward, bread with egg in the middle, butter and….. strawberry jam!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Ok… time to go… we took Perama Travel to take as to Gili, with cost IDR 150,000 / pax… I was the only local passenger as Perama is more well known for international tourist, while the price still make sense. While waiting the bus to arrived, Tommy and I escaped across the street, can’t deny the smell of the ocean!! After few minutes, the bus arrived. 45 minutes on the road, we arrived at the harbor and transfer to boat to go to Gili Trawangan. For you who can managed to reach Bangsal harbor there are 2 alternatives to go to Gili. Regular boat that cost IDR 13,000,- /pax(but you have to wait until the boat is full and ready to go, takes 30 – 45 mins) or fast boat that cost IDR 75,000,- /pax will take 15 minutes.
Our first thought when we reached there was : I DON’T WANNA GO HOME!!!!! Geeessshh… that’s place is truly heaven. Clean water, clean air, no engines, a bit crowded but it’s ok… Find hotel, diving school, lunch then… met my very best friend, who’s surprisingly was there with her husband and 2 adorable daughters, Myta.. Back to hotel, Tommy has to cancelled his diving because he had stomach problem. Once he got better we went to buy coconut hope the water may reduce the problem. Food is a little bit expensive here, so, prepare extra budget for it. We swim a little bit, and surprised that the water was sooo cold compare to the temperature on the land. We rent a bike to reach the sunset point and ride around island. We found a very nice place to sit and relax. Tommy had couple bottles of beer while I had sprite. Sunset was amazingly beautiful but then the wind blows so cold (at least for me), then we continue our trip. Trip that actually big mistake we made. We should do it before sunset, because we couldn’t see anything, it was totally dark. But the great thing to have such a cool traveling buddy is, no matter how sucks the condition, you’ll still able to laugh for anything.
You never know how happy we were when we reached the civilization (the most crowded side of the island, means closed to our hotel)… we returned our bike, then back to hotel, changed our clothes then going out again for food… totally hungry. We decided to go to a cafe with acoustic live music, Sama-Sama. There was a lady with such scary laugh at there too, but the waitress seemed enjoy it πŸ˜€ The food taste was average, nasi goreng was about IDR 45,000, but I love the egg. For the first time I had full (small) bottle of beer!!!
Around 10 pm, the place getting too crowded. We left the cafe and walk somewhere quite near the beach where we can hear the wave and having peaceful.

Sunday, August 31, 2014, If you love diving, wants to have 20 meters sight distance within the sea, Gili Trawangan is one of the best destinations. Dream Diver had 2 schedules a day for diving : 10 Am and 1 PM (Tommy decided to take the 10 AM). So you can chose anytime you preferred to. They also have night diving, but not so sure what time. Many diving schools in Gili Trawangan, you can chose anything you like. In front of our hotel, there’s a cafe with home made ice cream that is sooooo yummie!!! Ice cream is the think that I won’t missed beside chocolates πŸ˜€
2:30 PM, time to go back to the reality…. hard to leave… but we surely will come back. We took speedboat to Bangsal where Medi and his family already wait for us at there. We stopped at Jalan Udayana, Mataram to have sate bulayak for toooo early dinner. And got nervous because of the traffic jam that will make us late to get to airport (our flight was at 6:50). Note : if you travels in Lombok on Sunday, please be aware with the traffic. They had such a ceremony with rank of people that blocked the road. We finally reached the airport on time!!! (thanks again, Medi!!)
Imagining that the reality is back.

But no matter what, we thankful for having a little bit touch of heaven!

[NEW] A Review : Anette Olzon’s Shine

Well, it’s been a while that this blogs inactive because I was too lazy to write :p Here I’m back again with new category : Music Review. I’ve seen interesting stuffs to write in some of CDs/album that I bought both physical or digital.

This first episode, I would like to write about the last album that I bought : Shine – Anette Olzon.

I’m not expecting that this album will be so ‘NIGHTWISH’ or ‘Alyson Avenue’ sound. In my personal opinion, her vocal is perfectly match to Nightwish’s Dark Passion Play. And I fell this sounds ofΒ  Nightwish in the song ‘One Million Face’.

In this album I can hear the various vocal character of Anette. For example like ‘Like a Shadow Inside My Heart’ and one of my fave song on this album ‘Invincible’,Β Anette explores her operatic style. Her voice in the opening Invincible brought the prove how great her voice could be. She explores her pop character into this album too, such as ‘Hear Me’ andΒ ‘Moving Away’. For some songs I feel like she’s a little bit pushy on the composition, for example like the opening ‘Moving Away’ this kind of Irish sounds like The Corrs’. But somehow ‘Lies’ provides perfect composition both music and voice.

Overall, I think Anette still have to find her fit character for her (next) album. I’m still not sure if she’s better for pop or more rocking songs than in this album. Anyhow she sounds perfect in Alyson Avenue’s Presence of Mind album. Some of her fans in Nightwish maybe will be a little bit disappointed with this album that sounds lighter than the songs in Imaginaerum and Dark Passion Play. But however, it’s not so bad and worth to listen. Let’s say, this is how Anette is enjoying her freedom in music πŸ™‚

Rating 3.5 of 5.0.


Here For You

Image24 October 2013, 05:139 AM, I got surprising message that I will never forget in my whole life :

Did you see? πŸ˜€
As I told you.. B-)
we’re online and kickin’ πŸ˜›
have you checked the Γ†nima FB page for the link? we already have a lot of likes!
I suddenly jumped off my bed when I saw that my very first single Here For You has been released worldwide on iTunes and few hours later I knew it was on babycd as well.
This song was basically was written loooong ago, after having several changing in the lyrics, it finally has it final form on 2004. I finalized with with the help of my best friend, Benjamin Laksito (Ben, may he rest in peace).
End of June 2012, I asked my friend, Arief Kurniawan to help me to fill up the piano sound and record this song. After Ben died in April 2013 by brain tumor, I don’t want this song being locked in my hard disk. I want this song reach the world as Ben did.
Mattia Garimanno gave me a great trust to release this song, that had first title of Farewell Song and we changed it to Here For You, via his label Aenima Recordings. And here we are… our works as our tribute for Ben and people out there who are fighting for cancer.
Arief on keyboard, Dhinie on vocal, Mattia as producer (Aenima Recordings) and we were working together Here For You single

Arief on keyboard, Dhinie on vocal, Mattia as producer (Aenima Recordings) and we were working together Here For You single

This song is a donation that will be given to YKAK Jatim – Surabaya. Hope you’ll enjoy our work as we do πŸ™‚

Another Farewell

cluelessIt’s hard to accept that another best friend of mine is no longer here. Now he found new journey, that I bet it will be more awesome that any journey that he ever had before..

I surely gonna missed him so much.. He’s a great debater after all… Always debated me for what I’ve thought. I’m gonna missed his smile with some wrinkles at the side of his eyes, his strength and spirit that he shared when we went to mountains in East Java and having sekoteng with him. He will always be missed. For all that he always brought in live. And this planet will never be the same without him.

Hope he enjoys his new journey, to a place called paradise… a place where he won’t feel tired, in pain or suffer, as he had enough of it. Be good at there, B! As I look up the sky and I will always see you smile from there. Thank you for all lesson that you thought and everything that we’ve shared.

In loving memory of Benjamin S. Laksito

Rock In Solo 2012 – Kingdom Metal Festival with Cannibal Corpse

Again, I went to Rock In Solo…
At first, I don’t really intended to go to this event regarding to my health condition and I’m not a huge fan of Death Metal music, as I knew Decapitated and (at that time) there’s a rumors about Cannibal Corpse. August 2012 still thinking that I might not going.

Early September 2012, I got an ‘invitation’ to go there… still thinking if I should go or not, since I’m still on medical treatments… Then a friend from Singapore, Steven Chew, wrote me that he will cover Rock In Solo with SIN band – Nafrat, and I replied him that I plan to… ^.^

Ok! October 13th, 2012 : After having 2 rounds of breakfast, the last one with Setyo and we had the famous Timlo Solo :p Β Then arrange the check in at Best Western Premier Hotel, at the place where Cannibal Corpse stayed. With Setyo, I went to the venue to change the voucher for the ticket then bring it to Steven, somewhere in Manahan, Solo… Finally, after being friend for a year in facebook, finally, I meet the legendary Mr. Steven Chew at Agas hotel where his friends, Damien and Eric stayed. We went lunch together at the mall nearby where girls watched them like a cat sees fishes hihihihi… After quick lunch, we dropped Steven at his ‘hotel’ and went to my hotel with Damien and Eric. Ma Bro, Mas Bassy and Om Doddy was already in the lobby with all their ‘ammunition’ to be legalized at the lobby πŸ˜€ I need to take quick shower, when I returned with faces of full smile, Damien showed me his photos with Cannibal Corpse!!! Yeah, right!

2:30 PM – Eric, Damien and I went to the venue, pretty hot, and feels like my skin is burning. Greeted by Kraton’s marching band we walked in. Hunt for merchandise, then I went backstage, since I had the photographer pass… thanks to the committee for the opportunity! This year, they only used half of Alun-Alun Lor Solo… with 3 stages C – A – B while B and C played together… kinda hard if you like both bands and they played at the same time. And the space is a bit too close between the stages. I met Steven again at the pit and we were wondering, how come there are so many photographers at there? some of them even used mobile phone… that was a bit disturbance since when we started to lack of space. The bands ware great, I enjoyed the metal parody of Tendangan Badut :D, Anorma, Dreamer, Devadata (one of the reasons why I’m here) and I couldn’t stop laughing when they played JTA that followed by the crowd (don’t ask me what JTA is! hahaha), Killharmonic… they gave the best performance for this event. The audiences ware amazing too. They did moshing several times. That was really hot, but seemed like everyone enjoyed it. And… I also met, Ira Maiden, after being friends for a year πŸ™‚

5:20 – 7 PM – break time. I met Setyo and planned to make some photos, but we didn’t -_-‘ I was still at the pit when I saw the firefighter went in and spread the water on the square to reduce the dust… Then I went out the pit and met Mas Bassy near the merchandise tents, and then sat in front of stage C, waiting for Nafrat with Eric and Damien. Looked up the sky and hoping that the rain won’t fall. There was also Barongsai (The Lion Dance) show in the middle of the square, which is very interesting, before the evening session started.

7 PM : Nafrat on stage, and….. there’s come a heavy rain!!!! My gear is not waterproof, I guess, so I ran out under the stage, find a way how to get photos during the hard rain without having any damage for my gear. So, I used a plastic bag to cover my camera, and put the 50mm Helios lens. Run Β to the pit and hoping that I still can catch some scenes. My injured right hand started to tortured me because of the cold and wet. Some photos got blurry! But Nafrat played perfectly amazing!!!

I didn’t followed the next bands, I was extremely tired and my back started to hurt. I only enjoyed 1 song of Belligerent Intent and then sat near the stage C. Steven come over and he got curious with the cops and the scouts πŸ˜€ Β Felt a bit stronger, I went to the pit during Jasad. The smell of the ‘aroma therapy’ scared me lol… They were great! Played very clean and powerful. There was ‘time out’ for 30 minutes in preparing the stage for Cannibal Corpse. Again, I sat near stage C and fell a sleep (dang!)

10:30 PM – Cannibal Corpse on the stage!!!! We only had chance for the first 2 songs to take shots. After that, we have to clear up the pit. Two songs, 30 – 40 photographers and ‘photographers’, humid and dewy lens = PERFECT! lol…. Β The sound was amazing! Clear and not so noisy. Feels like listening to the CD! The lights were great, show was great, only me that was too tired. Then I met Eric and Damien again, and decided to return to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, Eric The Giant couldn’t find t-shirt for his size, XL… poor Eric *pukpuk πŸ˜„ I just can’t wait to have hot shower and lay on bed!!!!

October 14, 2012 – WHOA! Had our breakfast with Pat O’Brien and Alex Webter… photos, of course, ‘legalized’ the stuffs that we had!!! They’re very humble and nice people. It’s great honor to be there. They also satisfied with the gig, sound, crowd and planned to come back soon.

10:30 AM I checked out, Mas Bassy back to Surabaya by bus earlier. I stopped by at Steven’s ‘hotel’ to give the signed poster and heading to the train station to go to Yogyakarta, to meet some friends and had Kupat Tahu at there πŸ˜€ There’s a bad news that Steven and his friends (Nafrat too) has a delayed flight! BOH!! Even when I was already on the train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya, they were still at the Solo Airport. That was 4 and half hours delay! I called Ryan Tumbok to help them to cope with it — thanks for the effort anyhow, Mby… but they’re really needs improvements for this things!! πŸ˜€

Overall… I enjoyed the trip! Only maybe, for me, a little bit boring for having the similar genre a whole day! But anyway, full of fun! Meet friends, old and new! Very tired but worth it.. especially meeting friends one!